Mr. Trump You Are a Buffoon!

I have done my best to avoid media coverage regarding Donald Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants. As a Mexican born American, I knew that it would take .006 seconds for me to be fired up, or at minimum annoyed about his ignorance. I want to note that I did not say illegal immigrants, because Mr. Trump’s comment was “When Mexico sends its people…” I took a very small amount of time to research his erroneous statements, and concluded that he is full of crap. I am going to knock Mr. Trump off his gold plated soap box with one statement. Mexico does not send people to the United States. The Mexican people of their own free will come to the United States in pursuit of the American dream. The same dream that permits Mr. Trump to make million dollar profits through his various businesses. I am not an economics expert, but I can comfortably say, that Mr. Trump’s companies exploit the American people of their hard earned dollars, more than an illegal immigrant could ever do.

With that said, Mr. Trump is slightly correct in saying there is an issue with crime spilling over into the United States through Mexico. One issue is that the drug cartels and human traffickers are more aggressively bringing the violence related with the criminal world into the United States. This or related issues, should not be ignored or swept under a rug just because Mr. Trump is an idiot, and has under qualified people advising him. I think part of his staff might be lab monkeys, but I have no proof whatsoever of that, and the chances of it being true are slim. Ok there is no chance of it being true, but it made you smile, so it was worth writing it.

Before I go any further, I want to clarify that, when I refer to who is bringing more violence and crime through Mexico, I am strictly referring to criminals. Meaning they are criminals here in the U.S., they are criminals in Mexico, and they are criminals around the world. Their nationality and the boarders they cross are irrelevant. In short, the primary guilty parties are criminals from Central and South American not specifically Mexican, as Mr. Trump would like you to believe.

The issue I mentioned above is not an isolated entity, so solving it is not as easy as making political campaign promises to change the U.S. immigration policy. The violence and crime issue is part of a convoluted web of international illegal industries. Wikipedia definition of industry is “Industry is the production of a goods or services within an economy.” The goods are illicit drugs; the services are sexual exploitation (human trafficking), and the economy is worldwide. To make a promise that immigration policy change is a solution for the crime and violence from trafficking would be equivalent to making a promise that a Band-Aid will stop the bleeding of a severed artery.

The reality is that trafficking is an ugly, but real industry, and it influences the world economy on a vast scale. One cannot expect to dissolve such a massive worldwide industry overnight and not anticipate it crippling the world economy. Think of it as if trafficking was a mega-corporation. If tomorrow Wal-Mart; ranked #1 in Fortune 500 in 2014; was dissolved, the impact on the world economy would be devastating. The same goes for human and drug trafficking. Even with that reality, one should not give up faith that there is a solution to reducing the trafficking violence and crime locally. It can be done, but not by changing immigration policies or dumping more money into aiding Mexico’s federal police, or whatever shenanigans the politicians have conjured up as a solution.

I would like to elaborate a lot more on one area for combatting the trafficking violence and crime issue, but it is not a short topic, so I will have leave details for another day. I will summarize it as this; a good place to start creating a solution is by looking at what kills an industry. Removing demand for the product or service, will guarantee the death of an industry. For years, (sadly) the U.S. has had the highest demand of both of illicit drugs and sexual exploitation (human trafficking). Who, in our 300+ million population, are the consumers? How do we help them dissolve the demand of the “product” or “service”? I am certain it is not by changing immigration policy or by harder criminal sentences even. The crime and violence are the effect, not the cause. The Law of Cause and Effect will manifest the same result every time, change the cause, and change the effect.

Back to Mr. Trump, the man is on a campaign for the 2016 presidential elections, and spewing extremely ignorant statements, about the Mexican population as a whole, is a political strategic move to gain attention. The best way to counter said strategic move is to ignore him at a political level; The Huffington Post is a great example of that. The powers-that-be at The Huffington Post have elected to cover Mr. Trump’s “campaign” under the Entertainment section, and not the Politics section. From my perspective they are correct in their decision because Mr. Trump has years of experience in entertainment, but has no experience in political government. In short, when Mr. Trump appears on TV or you read a headline on his “campaign” if you must give it attention, look at it as another scripted reality TV show where you know he is paid to act the way he is acting.

I know I took the long way around to make that point. Thank you for sticking with me, and for taking the time to read this. Leave me a comment or send a message, I am happy to take any discussion offline.


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